Best Money Tips: 6 Most Valuable Grocery Products Known to Man


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we tell you the 6 things every home should have in their pantry, some hairstyling tips for balding men, and why Suze Orman is anti-credit card.

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6 Most Valuable Grocery Products Known to Man — If you have all six of these in your home, you can solve over 100 different problems (for almost no money at all!). Len Penzo

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Tips and Hairstyles for Balding Men — These tips for balding gracefully can help any guy with his vanishing hairline. The Art of Manliness

5 Tips for Saving Energy in Your Family Room — If you've been waiting for a convincing reason to get that new plasma TV, this article won't help much! AllFinancialMatters

7 of the Best Comic Books With Green Themes — Interested in using your Eco-friendly powers to save the world? Take a lesson from these superheroes. Daily Green

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I knew about Coke's rust-removal abilities; I'm wondering how well it "cleans" us on the inside...

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Appreciate the mention.

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Good information but could have done without the skewed worm artwork.

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Haha I agree. Especially since the main article title is about grocery products!

But great set of links and some interesting info in there!

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Worms are a good form of protein.