Best Money Tips: 7 Behaviors of Emotionally Wealthy People


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on the behaviors of emotionally wealthy people, why more restaurant chains are offering delivery, and ways to get more use out of your old makeup.

Top 5 Articles

7 Behaviors Of Emotionally Wealthy People That You Should Emulate — Emotionally wealthy people value their time. They do things that help them grow and satisfy their souls. [Dumb Little Man]

Taco Bell expands trial of food delivery. Why more chains are coming to you. — Taco Bell and other chains that are testing the waters with delivery services hope to attract customers who like convenience and want to save time. [The Monitor]

13 Free and Simple Ways to Save Old Makeup — Mix your old lipstick with a bit of petroleum jelly for smooth, creamy blush on your cheeks. [The Krazy Coupon Lady]

5 Surprising Household Uses For Denture Cleaner — Denture cleaner tablets are great at cleaning hard-to-reach places. Break one up, drop them into the drain trap, and run hot water to unclog your drain like a boss. [PopSugar Smart Living]

How Much Does $100 Really Buy in Your State? — A hundred bucks goes the furthest in Mississippi, while it's worth the least in Washington, D.C. [Money Talks News]

Other Essential Reading

12 Things NOT to Do to Save Time, Money & Sanity — Cooking elaborate meals can be fun for some, but it gets time-consuming and expensive on a day-to-day basis. On regular weeknights, it's probably better to stick with plain, easy, and tasty meals. [Living Well Spending Less]

5 Tips for Finishing What You Start — Narrow down your list of goals, projects, and to-dos and prioritize your non-negotiables — the ones that are time-sensitive and the ones that others are counting on you to finish. [Productivity Theory]

How to Purchase Big Ticket Items — Unless you need an item immediately, try not to finance your purchase. The monthly interest rates will cost you more in the long run. [Modest Money]

Financial Planning Basics in 9 Steps — Make sure you leave room in your budget for building an emergency fund and retirement savings. [Good Financial Cents]

Discovering Your Hero is a Monster: One Mom's Reaction to the Cosby Scandal — When we expect celebrities to be our heroes, we may experience disbelief, sadness, and anger when we find out they did something horrible. [Parenting Squad]

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Love the article on Emotional Wealth ... wealth is so much more than what one has in their bank account!