Best Money Tips: 7 Ways to Improve Your Finances in an Hour

By Amy Lu on 8 September 2017 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on ways to improve your finances in the next hour, habits that foster wealth and success, and ways to score free Amazon gift cards.

Top 5 Articles

7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Finances In The Next Hour — Sign up at a cash back site that pays you when you shop online. [The Ways To Wealth]

7 Habits That Foster Wealth and Success — Wealthy people know what they want and what they need, and plan their goals accordingly. [Dinks Finance]

21 Ways to Score Free Amazon Gift Cards (#17 Will Surprise You!) — Many apps offer free gift cards and rewards when you do a variety of activities. [Money Pantry]

50 Fun Things to Do This Fall That Cost Close to Nothing — Here are 50 ways to enjoy the autumn season without burning through your wallet before the holidays! [PopSugar Smart Living]

How to Come Back from Bankruptcy — It's normal to feel like a failure after a bankruptcy, but recovery will require a shift of mindset. Focus on getting to the root of the problem and moving forward. [Free Money Finance]

Other Essential Reading

26 Free Online Jobs That Require No Investment — These jobs require zero capital to get started. [Well Kept Wallet]

How To Prepare for Unemployment Before It Happens To You — It's important to take steps to mitigate the damage a pink slip will do to your finances. [FreeUp]

How to Increase Your Kids’ Connection to Nature (Even if You Live in the Burbs) — Even a small yard can host a diverse ecosystem when you install bird or bat houses, baths, feeders, and plant certain trees, flowers, or shrubs that attract wildlife. [The Art of Manliness]

3 Things You Need to Stop Doing to Get Started — No matter what it is you want to do, stop trying to control everything. Know that you will stumble, and that's OK. [The Positivity Blog]

5 Study Supplies Every Student Should Have — We live in a noisy world. Invest in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to help you focus, with or without music. [Shoplet]

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