Best Money Tips: 8 Flash Sale Sites That Offer Great Travel Deals

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on flash sale travel sites for your next trip, 100 things you can compost, and how exchanging names can encourage cooperation.

Top 5 Articles

Looking to Escape? 8 Flash Sale Travel Sites With Great Deals — These travel flash sale sites can save you hundreds on your next vacation! [PopSugar Smart Living]

100 Things You Can (and Should) Compost — Composting is a great strategy for sustainability and waste reduction, and there are things you can compost from everyone room in the house. [Small Footprint Family]

Want to encourage cooperation? Try exchanging names. — A study suggests that even small steps toward getting to know one another can bring big benefits for society as a whole. [The Monitor]

This Spring Car Care Checklist Could Save You Hundreds — Check to see if your engine coolant level reaches the "full" line. Summer is coming, and your car can break down if it doesn't have enough coolant. [Cheapism]

Write Better Emails With These 15 Easy Tips — You want be professional in emails, but don't get too formal or technical. Your emails are easier to read if you write the way you would talk. [Productivity Theory]

Other Essential Reading

Dos and Do Nots of Social Media for Landlords — Social media profiles can help landlords gain some insight into what a prospective tenant's lifestyle may look like, but scanning profiles shouldn't be the only form of screening that you do. [Money Reasons]

Turn Your Trash into Cash: 10 Genius Ways to Make Money Recycling! — Check office supply stores to Staples for rewards programs where you get points or cash back when you turn in old printer cartridges. [Don't Pay Full]

5 Low-Cost Hobbies for the Budget Conscious — It doesn't cost much to start a vegetable garden, and the produce you grow can help you save even more money in the long run. [Everything Finance]

Three Practices for the Overwhelmed, Stressed, Anxious — Uncertainty is often the reason why we feel stressed or anxious, but you can train yourself to be more comfortable with being uncertain. [Zen Habits]

26 office improvements from A to Z to boost your team’s productivity — Pay attention to the air quality in your office. Poor ventilation can cause headaches, fatigue, coughing, and more. [DeskTime]

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