Best Money Tips: 8 Steps to Financial Success

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on steps to financial success, why you should track cash flow, and saving on food and meal planning.

Top 5 Articles

A Woman's Money: 8 Steps to Financial Success — To have financial success, create a realistic budget and spend wisely on luxuries. [Money Under 30]

Money 101: Why You Should Track Cash Flow — Tracking your cash flow can help you grow your net worth over time. [Free Money Finance]

How to Save Money on Food and Meal Plan for a Month in Minutes — Saving the recipes your family likes on a Pinterest board can help you save money on food! [Money Saving Enthusiast]

What Your Parents Never Told You About Life in Your 20s — Chances are, your parents never told you that you may have to relocate to find work or that you might not get the job you want right out of college. [Studenomics]

Does Money Buy Happiness? — Having a higher income will help you improve the evaluation of your life but not your emotional well-being. [Frugal Zeitgeist]

Other Essential Reading

4 Occasions you Tend To Overspend — People tend to spend more when they are dating or receive a windfall. [Cash The Checks]

The Cost Of Decluttering Your Home — Did you know Best Buy has a program where they will take up to three electronic items off your hands for free? [Enemy of Debt]

Balance Your Resume Focus — Make sure your resume shows how you can contribute above and beyond. [Step Away From the Mall]

The $15 Haunted House - No Tricks Here! — Instead of carving pumpkins this year, consider adding decals to pumpkins! [PopSugar Smart Living]

7 Reasons to Never Let Your Children Watch TV Again — With the amount of violence and rude language on TV these days, you may want to keep your kids from watching TV. [Parenting Squad]

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