Best Money Tips: 9 Add-Ons That Won't Improve Your Car’s Performance

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we reveal aftermarket upgrades that could leave you with less money (not a better performing car), some exciting news from YouTube, and why baking soda isn't the miracle we've touted it to be.

Top 5 Articles

These 9 Add-Ons Will Not Improve Your Car’s Performance — They may help you look like you’re driving a sweet ride, but their ROI is basically zero. Popular Mechanics

YouTube Leanback: Another Option for Free TV — The announcement that Hulu will no longer be 100% free doesn’t have to deter you from your cable-resistant ways. Got YouTube? Consumerism Commentary

Common Cooking Myths You Can Easily Dispel — A box of baking soda isn’t all that good at absorbing odors. Read the rest of these mythbusters — if you can handle it — from Peter Aitken. Kitchen Myths via Lifehacker

Tips for Naturally Controlling Pests in your Garden — If you’ve blown off the idea of using poisonous products, be ready to manually pick off eggs from your plants. Find out how in this amazing tutorial. Kingdom First Mom

Guess Who’s Most Likely to Default on Mortgages? The Rich — The title says it all. Get the goods from this revealing article. TIME: It’s Your Money

Other Essential Reading

Most Livable Cities are Actually Affordable — It’s good to know that certain corners of “the good life” are actually within the budgets of most Americans. Forbes via Free Money Finance

Mystery Shopping (Four Things You Need) — So you’ve decided to take the plunge and become a mystery shopper. This article lists everything you need for your tool kit! Little People Wealth

Don’t Forget the Smaller Things — Most of us are so blessed, we can’t imagine what it’s like to have nothing. This post brings back a sense of appreciation, and revisits the awe and wonder of Double Rainbow Guy. Can you feel the love? Punch Debt in the Face

Birthday Crawl of Freebies — Are you signed up for EVERY birthday freebie that’s out there? Spend a little time each day making sure, with this day-by-day roundup of goodies. Red Plum

Truly Active Manager Outperform (Being Different is Key) — Before you settle for tossing your money blindly into an ETF, read this very detailed post. Million Dollar Journey

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Thank you for this article I really realize how much I waste for the useless modification that I don't really need for improvement of my car.