Best Money Tips: 9 Good Reasons to Can Your Own Food

By Linsey Knerl on 13 September 2010 1 comment

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we tell you why canning is the real deal, how to find "super-secret" stadium deals, and how to encourage a capitalist kid!

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9 Good Reasons to Can Your Own Food — Whether you grow your own, or pick it from a local farm, there are almost two handfuls of reasons why this healthier, tastier option is very popular among frugal living fans! Simple Bites

17 Semi-Secret NFL Football Stadium Deals — OK, so some of these deals are more ploys to get you to sample some of the sponsor’s fare (say Kraft foods, for instance), but the opportunity to save and get more seats sold is actually pretty clever. Find out the details for the top deals here. Coupon Sherpa

Seven Things You Should Always Buy Generic —Would you consider yourself a bleach snob, or can you hang with those of us who buy off-brand? Money Talks News

Capitalist Kids: Encouraging Young Entrepreneurs — This is a light-hearted but seriously useful look at how to instill good finance and business skill in the youngest of earners. Get Rich Slowly

Black Bean and Roasted Red Pepper Soup with Pumpkin Corn Bread Muffins — The flavor pairing of this perfect fall dish sounds amazing! Anything with pumpkin is a go-to recipe for our house. Mom Advice

Other Essential Reading

Seven Foods Banned in Europe that Are Still Available in the U.S. — Did you know that many of our controversial food practices (like GMO’s and using Stevia sweeteners) are NOT allowed in Europe? Divine Caroline

How to Update Your Insecure Passwords and Make them Easy to Use — If the old “write it down in a notebook” trick is too low-tech for you, consider this tutorial for having practically unhackable passwords to all your online accounts. Lifehacker

Build a Professional Relationship with Your Banker — Time invested in a close tie to your banker can pay back big time in the long run. Learn why! Money Ning

How to Rebalance Your Portfolio — What does it mean to “rebalance?” Get all the basic tips for this essential planning method before it’s too late! Money Under 30

Spa Treatments at Home — Not only is the experience less expensive, but sometimes.. it can actually be more relaxing! Get some good basic tips for a intensive spa day where you live. Frugal Zeitgeist

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Thanks very much for including my link :). I want to start canning but am only likely to be living here in Egypt for another year and don't want to have to move all the equipment round with me.... When I am settled though it's a priority to start.