Best Money Tips: 9 New Uses for your Old iPhone


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we give you 9 ways to upgrade your old iphone, some inspiration for stopping "stupid" work, and clever ways to use up a wine windfall!

Top 5 Articles

9 New Uses for your Old iPhone — Looking to get version 4 of the iPhone? Consider upgrading your old model first. You could save some serious cash! Toms Guide

How to Create a CD Ladder — Nope, we’re not talking compact discs — we’re sharing tips for making your certificate of deposits work for you! Frugal Dad

How to Stop Doing “Stupid” Work — Don’t believe that your work helps contribute to the world in a meaningful way? You don’t have to keep doing it! Get tips for stopping “stupidity” here. Rowdy Kittens

Swipe Fees and the Durbin Debate — If you’re not following the newest legislation news on card fees and how it may affect you, get informed! This handy article and graphic is a great place to start. Nerd Wallet

Too Much Wine! What a horrible problem to have: This reader has more wine than they know what to do with. Get handy tips for solving this unique dilemma. Unclutterer

Other Essential Reading

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The Prudent Pantry: Road Trip Snacks — Almond milk and cereal are not only healthy choices for snacking on the go, but they are easy to store and stash in the car! Get some other convenient ideas (without convenience pricing) for your next trip.

Should You Do Work for Friends and Family? Only if you get paid. (The truth may be difficult, but it can help you make your monthly budget!) Peak Personal Finance

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