Best Money Tips: 9 Ways to Manage People Who Bother You

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share tips for dealing with those you bug you, some of the best free birthday treats, and the official guide to cleaning a coffee pot!

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9 Ways to Manage People Who Bother You — You can't like everyone you work with, and these suggestions can help you through it. (They may even work for people you don't “manage.”) Stepcase Lifehack

36 Free Food Deals for your Birthday — How does $30 in free food sound for a birthday treat? Benihana offers this and other deals for their birthday club members. Get even more tips in this awesome list! Mr. Free Stuff

How to Clean a Coffee Pot — Regular cleaning can make your pot last longer (and your coffee taste fresher!). Here's a tutorial for getting it done. TipNut

Verifying Funds on Checks 2010 Edition — Here's an update on an older post suggesting that receivers of personal checks verify funds via phone. Which banks will work with you? Find out here! Consumerism Commentary

Follow Airlines on Twitter for Last-Minute Deals — Is it worth “junking” up your feed to possibly score a super-cheap airfare deal? Possibly. WalletPop

Other Essential Reading

Food on the Table Builds Menus and Grocery Lists to Your Preferences — While in the early stages of availability, this app seems really promising! Save time and money on your meal plans. Lifehacker

Creating a Coupon System — You don't have to buy a fancy organizer when you can DIY! These suggestions for keeping it together (and using it effectively) really rock! Coupon Shoebox

Get Paid What Your Worth at Every Stage of Your Freelance or Small Business Career — This is great advice for anyone looking to examine where they are at, while getting paid accordingly.  Finance for a Freelance Life

Tequila Lime Chicken — You don't have to be a party gal (or guy) to appreciate the flavor of this delicious-looking dish! Can't you just taste the summertime? Eclectic Recipes

5 Tips to Take the Bite out of Dental Bills — Not really insured, but want to keep your teeth? These money-saving options will make anyone smile! Money Talks News

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