Best Money Tips: A Pocket-Sized Guide to Financial Success

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on a pocket-sized guide to financial succses, negotiating deals, and sneaky ways to save on rent.

Top 5 Articles

A Pocket-Sized Guide to Financial Success — Remember to pay your credit card in full on time and try to save 20% of your money. [Our Freaking Budget]

How To Negotiate A Deal — When negotiating a deal, be sure to research what you are buying and remember that silence is a remarkably effective negotiation tool. [Canadian Finance Blog]

5 Sneaky Ways to Save on Rent — To save money on rent, work for rent and negotiate. [Financial Highway]

How much do you spend on car maintenance? Plus 9 tips to help you save! — Save money on car maintenance by keeping your tires pumped and driving carefully. [Kylie Ofiu]

5 Pivotal Questions for the Busy, Hectic, and Stressed Household — If your household is busy, hectic, and stressed, ask yourself whether or not you still control your schedule. [Money Help for Christians]

Other Essential Reading

Do Your Brain A Big Favor With These 15 Healthy Foods That Can Make You Smarter — Avocado and tomatoes are just a couple healthy foods that can make you smarter. [Dumb Little Man]

10 Ways to Make the Rest of Today Amazing — Checking one lingering task off your to-do list and spending time with a friend who improves you can make the rest of today amazing. [Marc and Angel Hack Life]

The 3 Important Things You're Not Getting Done — Chances are, you are not getting done the things you don't want to do. [Time Management Ninja]

DIY Sweater Pillows - No Sewing Machine Needed — Did you know you can turn your favorite old sweater into a decorative pillow cover? [PopSugar Smart Living]

Fall-Friendly Home: Fun and Frugal Ways to Decorate for the Season — To decorate your home this season, use candles to create a cozy vibe. [Parenting Squad]

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