Best Money Tips: Anatomy of a Coupon

By Linsey Knerl on 1 September 2010 0 comments
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Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share the anatomy of a coupon, how to clean your work laptop before you leave your job, and how to pick the very best airplane seat!

Top 5 Articles

The Anatomy of a Coupon — In case you weren’t aware of all the components that make a coupon a coupon, here’s a nifty guide to getting to know all you coupon’s finer points. I Love Coupon Month

Internet Business Scams: 7 Steps to Keep You Safe — Perhaps one of the most comprehensive lessons in staying away from internet scams, this article is an easy and valuable read! Wealth Pilgrim

What Should I Do to My Work Laptop Before I Leave My Job? If you’re headed out the door soon, and are worried about what you may leave behind on your “work computer”, these tips are essential. Lifehacker

How to Choose the Best Airplane Seat — Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly which seats in economy have the most leg room? Now you can! Get the clues to a better flying experience in this chart. I Love Charts via Consumerist

5 Ways to Get Your Child Involved in Helping Others — Selfishness can occur when you don’t get enough practice giving of your time and talents. Find out how to prevent this in your child by starting them out on the right path! Parenting Squad

Other Essential Reading

7 Ways to Save Money on Health Care — Do you even know what your plan covers? Why not? Now’s the chance to find out how to really save some cash on your medical care. Health Harbor

Growth Investing Vs. Value Investing — Do you know the difference? Give this a quick read, and you’ll be up to speed in no time! Money Under 30

Freezer Burn: Six Misleading Frozen Meals — Before you get a warm and cozy feeling about eating something as healthy as “Comfort Cuisine Roasted Turkey Breast”, take a moment to read the ingredients. Or just read this article. The sodium and fat content of some of these “healthy” meals will surprise you! Divine Caroline

Beware of False Praise — Are you certain that the compliments you’re getting are useful? True? Here’s how to tell. Productivity 501

Easy Ways to Save Money When Redecorating Your Bathroom — The right lighting and a DIY attitude can really shave some bucks off or your design bill. Which tips have you used successfully? Not Made of Money

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