Best Money Tips: Avoid These Common Tax Season Scams


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on common tax season scams to avoid, tips for booking cheaper flights, and driving habits to avoid this winter.

Top 5 Articles

How to Avoid 4 Common Tax Season Scams — Quick tax preparation shops pop up every year, but many of them are unlicensed and untrained. You may end up paying ridiculous tax preparation fees to get your refund. [Student Loan Hero]

5 tips for booking cheaper flights — Before you book a flight, shop around with a search engine to find the cheapest fares. Some search engines will even suggest less expensive days to fly and email you when fares drop. [The Monitor]

5 Driving Habits to Avoid This Winter — Always keep at least half a tank of gas in your car. Your gas line may freeze up if isn't enough fuel in the tank. [The Allstate Blog]

DIY Tips for Brightening Your Home in Winter — The mesh screens in your windows are great for keeping bugs out when it's hot, but if you don't expect to open your windows much during the winter, take off the screens to let more light in. [Frugal Village]

10 Science-Backed Ways You Can Create Happiness in Your Everyday Life — Pick an activity you’ve always wanted to try and make specific plans to do it. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Other Essential Reading

11 Ways Costco Can Save You Money on Your Car — Costco members can get exclusive discounts and coupons when booking rental cars through Costco Rental. [Cheapism]

Thrift Store Hunt – 5 Things You Don’t Want To Miss — Keep an eye out for old record players and vinyl albums. These are highly collectible; limited albums can go for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. [Flipping Income]

A Simple Trick To Understanding Your Medical Insurance Policy — Redundant information gathering is a way ensure that the information you're getting is accurate and that you understand it. [Clever Dude]

6 Traps to Avoid For First-Time Property Investors — Having an investment property close to where you live can make a lot of sense, but don't be locked in to your home turf without considering other neighborhoods that may have higher rental yields. [The Financial Blogger]

7 Relationship Mantras to Stop Small Misunderstandings from Turning into Big Mistakes — Don't make empty judgments about people and their situation. You never know what they've been through today. [Marc & Angel Hack Life]

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