Best Money Tips: Avoid These Holiday Home Hazards

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on home hazards to avoid this holiday season, high paying careers that are flexible and satisfying, and life-changing tips that will boost your happiness.

Top 5 Articles

Holiday Home Hazards: Celebrate Traditions Safely This Year — Overloading outlets or power strips with holiday lights can cause an electrical fire in your home, so don't get too carried away when you decorate. [The Allstate Blog]

5 High Paying Careers That Are Flexible and Satisfying — Check out this list for some of the most comfortable, flexible, and high paying jobs on the market. [Modest Money]

10 Life-Changing Tips That Will Boost Your Happiness — Work on your confidence. Nothing can break you if you believe in yourself. [Dumb Little Man]

This Unexpected (and Simple!) Tip Has Eased My Anxiety — and It Could Work For You Too — Deep breathing exercises can help calm your nerves when you feel anxiety creeping up on you. [PopSugar Smart Living]

11 Ways to Put Your Family on a Budget for the New Year — Keep it simple! Make sure the budgeting tools you use allow you to address your finances directly and clearly on a regular basis. [Cheapism]

Other Essential Reading

10 Situations When It’s OK to Tap Your Emergency Fund — A few good uses for an emergency fund include car repairs, home repairs, and vet bills. [SheBudgets]

5 Clear Warning Signs You’re Not Ready To Buy A House — Do you make enough money to cover ongoing homeowner costs, like mortgage payments, taxes, and homeowners insurance? [Stack The Chips]

What You Should Do If Someone Keeps Asking You for Money — You have other options besides a flat "yes" or "no." [Money Q&A]

Making Money With Thrift Stores — Don't cross off a thrift store if you don't find anything you like on the first visit. Thrift store inventory changes constantly, and you may find a hidden gem another day. [Dinks Finance]

4 Experiences You Should Prioritize Around the Holidays — Embrace the holiday season by decorating the house with your family. [Everything Finance]

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