Best Money Tips: Bake a Baguette


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we tell you how to make a baguette, discuss tenure in today's economy, and give you all the tips you need for a lush, green lawn!

Top 5 Articles

Bake a Baguette — It seems so simple! Follow these easy tips for a killer bread for your next dinner party. ReadyMade

What’s the Best Travel Search Engine? This is a cool look at several of the most popular ones, along with some tips for getting the most for your time. Len Penzo

Is Tenure Right in 2009? Ok, so it’s 2010 now, but the question remains. Do you think tenure is an outdated practice? My Life ROI

110 Essential Resources for Creative Freelancers and Small Business Owners — These nifty tools are pretty popular with the freelance and small business crowd. Many are adaptable for home use as well! Creative Boom

Blades of Glory: Tips for Growing a Lusher Lawn — Do you even know how much water you’re supposed to use on your lawn each day? Get basic tips and expert tricks here. Divine Caroline

Other Essential Reading

100 Best Money Moves You Can Make — This article picks out a few of the best, and points you to the rest! Money Magazine via Free Money Finance

How Franchise Businesses Work — Wondering about what it would be like to own your own BK? Get a basic introduction to your most pressing questions. Weakonomics

6 Ways to Get Free Movies and Discounts — Grab the same movie experience, for less! This article gives some helpful hints for movie-lovers on a budget. Bankrate

5 Sites to Find Green Coupons — Think there are no easy ways to get manufacturer’s coupons for organic and eco-friendly products? Think again. Smart Spending

5 Laws to Packing Lightly — First and foremost, don’t bring anything you couldn’t live without if you lost it. Get the other truthful tidbits for your next trip! Fabulously Broke in the City

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Just a note on the french bread. I totally support making things from scratch but from a cost/benefit perspective, you could spend the time it takes to make the French bread (which is relatively cheap) on something else that is more expensive to buy than to make--like a cake.

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But - -- don't like cake. Like bread. All depends on your priorities.