Best Money Tips: Banish Home Odors for Good


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we give you ways to keep your home from stinking, some terrific Twitter tools, and why a scooter is kinda cool again!

Top 5 Articles

Banish Home Odors for Good — Does your home give a “not-so-fresh” impression to your guests? Nip it in the bud with 5 simple steps. Woman’s Day

6 Reasons Why Designer Sunglasses are a Rip-off — Besides the 50 cents on a dollar profit, in some instances, there are other reasons to beware the brand name. Consumerist

How to Get Things Done When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed — This is a post about blogging, but it could be applied to any small business (or life, in general!) Don’t you feel better? Problogger

Ultimate Twitter Tool Guide (Pt 1) — This is just one half of a kickin’ article on the cream of the Twitter tool crop. Get schooled in no time before moving on to part 2! PC Mag

6 iPhone Apps for Voracious Readers — Read any good books lately? If not, you may want to check out these half-dozen tools for the iPhone — all designed to help you choose your words carefully. My Life Scoop

Other Essential Reading

Can You Get a Mortgage Loan with Bad Credit? In a word.. yes. But it will take some time and these proven strategies to do so. The Digerati Life

Save Money on Gas: Buy a Scooter — My husband has one, and not only is it easy on the gas budget, it can actually be a bit fun to ride! Debt Free Adventure

Bill Includes New Student Loan Forgiveness Program — Not only does the health care bill address medical issues, but it determines how long new students will have to pay back their loans. Learn about the new terms of loan forgiveness for teachers, servicemen and women, and more in this article. My Dollar Plan

Is It Your Patriotic Duty to Borrow Credit? You may not believe this, but some think it is! Is it really your responsibility to take out loans to “jumpstart” the economy? Credit Karma

8 Great Dates Across America for $20 — Whether you hang your hat in NYC, or live on the other side of the country, there’s an affordable way to charm the one you like in this super list! Lifestyler Mag

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