Best Money Tips: Bathroom Remodels on a Budget


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on bathroom remodels on a budget, saving money by reducing waste, and investing with little money.

Top 5 Articles

Bathroom Remodels on a Budget — Remodel your bathroom on a budget by changing the mirror. [Beating Broke]

Want to Save Money? Reduce Your Waste — Buying higher quality items will help you reduce your waste and save money. []

Investing With Very Little Money: 5 Tips — When investing with little money, consider investing in silver coins. [Christian PF]

Three Ways to Save Money Using Social Media — Participating in social media competitions can save you money! [MoneyNing]

4 Suggestions for Paying Off Debt — To pay off your debt quickly, try to increase your income. [Canadian Finance Blog]

Other Essential Reading

8 Excuses You Can't Use to Avoid Saving for Retirement — You cannot use the excuse that you have too much debt and too many expenses to avoid saving for retirement. [MintLife Blog]

How to Protect Yourself When Online Dating — When online dating, be ultra-cautious to keep yourself safe. [MainStreet]

5 Actions You Can Take Now for a More Positive Life — Have a more positive life now by going to bed a half an hour earlier. [Personal Dividends]

Why It's Good To Pretend You Got Laid Off — Pretending you got laid off will encourage you to go to networking events. [SavvySugar]

How to Have Fun at the Dentist — To make the dentist fun, find a kid-friendly dentist for your children. [Parenting Squad]

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