Best Money Tips: Becoming Debt Free

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on becoming debt free, the ten commandments of personal finance, and your guide to Obamacare.

Top 5 Articles

Guide to Becoming Really, Really, Ridiculously Debt Free — To become debt free, start by listing all your debts, their balances, and their interest rates. [Johnny Moneyseed]

The Ten Commandments of Personal Finance — Always remember to pay yourself first and avoid coveting your neighbor's life. [Frugal Portland]

Your 60-Second Guide to Obamacare — If you currently have health insurance through your employer or you have Medicare or Medicaid, you won't need to buy insurance through the exchange. [The Dough Roller]

Budgeting an Irregular Income - How We Make It Work — When budgeting on an irregular income, base your budget on your lowest income month. [L Bee and the Moneytree]

Couples & Money: Avoiding the Two-Income Trap — Couples should try to live off of one income and use the other to build their emergency fund or retirement savings. [Gen Y Planning]

Other Essential Reading

Get Yourself and the Kids in the Halloween Spirit for Less — Get in the Halloween spirit without breaking the bank by buying decorations on clearance and making your own costumes. [Beating Broke]

Enjoying the Nightlife on a Budget — Sticking with cash is a good idea when trying to enjoy the nightlife on a budget. [20's Finances]

Car Finance: A Guide — When trying to finance a car, one of the options you can consider is a personal contract plan. [Modest Money]

5 Simple Ways Families Can Save Money in October — To save money this month, families can start their holiday shopping. [Parenting Squad]

12 Online Tools to Organize Your Life This Month — Keep yourself organized by using Adium and Mint. [PopSugar Smart Living]

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