Best Money Tips: Best Hacks for Amazon and Amazon Prime

By Amy Lu on 9 February 2016 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on the best Amazon hacks, ways to save money this year, and over 60 mostly-free ways to entertain yourself at home.

Top 5 Articles

The Best Amazon & Amazon Prime Hacks — You can get a $5 credit just for downloading the Amazon app! [Wallet Hacks]

10 Frugal Ways To Save Money In 2016 — Shopping online is easy — maybe TOO easy! If you block your favorite online retailers' websites, you'll be forced to think twice before you can buy anything. [Because I'm Cheap]

68 Mostly Free Ways to Entertain Yourself at Home — Need to pass some time at home? Gather some photos and create a collage! [PopSugar Smart Living]

When should you hire someone to do your taxes? — Hiring a CPA is a good idea if your tax situation is complicated. Are you divorced with children? Do you own a small business? Do you have high-net-worth investment portfolios? [The Monitor]

Valentine’s Day on a Budget — Join Experian's #CreditChat on Wednesday, February 10 at 3 pm ET for a discussion on frugal ways to celebrate Valentine's Day. [Experian]

Other Essential Reading

20 Herbs to Grow For Medicinal Home Remedies — Aloe is a succulent with thick gel that is perfect for soothing burns and skin irritations. [Nature Moms Blog]

12 Not So Extreme Couponing Tips — You don't need to spend a lot of time clipping and sorting coupons to reap the savings. Don't try to have a perfect system right from the start. Just choose a few items to always clip and go from there. [More With Less Today]

31 Aphrodisiac Foods to Put You in the Mood on Valentine's Day — Rich in zinc, pine nuts have been used in the Mediterranean as an aphrodisiac for a long time. [Cheapism]

What Uses the Most Energy In Your Home? — Almost half the energy consumed in a home goes to heating and cooling. [Northern Cheapskate]

9 Ways to Respectfully Parent Your Child — When you see your child is struggling, look for the underlying cause and validate their feelings. They'll feel understood and less alone. [Parenting Squad]

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