Best Money Tips: Black Friday Predictions to Help You Shop


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on deals to expect this Black Friday, top-notch career advice, and what you need to know about mobile payment apps and identity theft.

Top 5 Articles

It's never too early for these 21 Black Friday predictions — You'll likely see the iconic KitchenAid stand mixer for as low as $100 after coupons and rebates. [The Monitor]

Real People Share the Greatest Career Advice They've Ever Received — No matter where you go, carry yourself with confidence and act like you belong — because you do! [PopSugar Smart Living]

Mobile Payment Apps and Identity Theft: What You Need to Know — One way to lessen your risk of identity theft is to download updates as soon as they're available. These updates often contain patches to fix vulnerabilities. [Credit Sesame]

Don’t Be Replaceable: 3 Career Fields That Can’t Be Done By Robots (Yet) — Healthcare workers are the least likely to be replaced by robots because they need to serve their patients in person and with a human touch. [Money Under 30]

Two Important Discussions to Have with College-Bound Teens — A degree can help, but it isn't the only way to advance on your career path. [MoneyNing]

Other Essential Reading

Dining Efficiency: Ways to Split the Bill — Bill-splitting apps like Billr and COVER make it quick and easy to figure out who owes how much when friends dine out. [ReadyForZero]

States Where Taxes Are Going Up — Kansas has increased its sales tax to 6.5% in an effort to close a $400-million budget gap. [Kiplinger]

Should Your Parents Work in their Retirement Years? — Working may be the only option if your parents don't have the resources to retire fully, but this doesn't have to be a bad thing. It can be their chance to finally pursue their dream careers. [Money Smart Life]

Solopreneur Success: How I Built a Community of 3,000 Loyal Subscribers — You'll gain more followers by regularly providing actionable tips that your readers can't get anywhere else. [Careful Cents]

Watch Children's Imaginations Brought to Life for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month — Childhood cancer patients star in a short animated video set in their happy places! [Parenting Squad]

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