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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on budget vacation tips, ideas to help save on wedding flowers, and getting a raise in a difficult economy.

Top 5 Articles

Top 5 Budget Vacation Tips — For your next vacation, go somewhere warm. Warmer climates tend to have more free locations to visit. [Stack The Chips]

9 Ideas To Help You Save On Wedding Flowers — Save money on wedding flowers by holding your wedding in a naturally floral setting. [SavvySugar]

Getting a Raise in a Difficult Economy — If you are trying to get a raise in this economy, prove your worth to your boss. [Five Cent Nickel]

Chip Away at Your Debt in Under 10 Minutes a Day — Take attacking your debt one day at a time. Your first day, start by listing all your expenses. [Money Smart Life]

How Attending Blog Conferences Can Actually Make You Money — Make money at blogging conferences by meeting with sponsors and getting an in with affiliate companies. [Bible Money Matters]

Other Essential Reading

4 Reasons to Continue Living Frugally Even After You No Longer Need to — It is a good idea to live frugally even if you don't really need to just in case you face a financial emergency. [Frugal For Life]

How to Make Money Without a Job — Trying to make money without a job? Try blogging or writing articles. [Being Frugal]

Pregnant? Save Money by Avoiding These Financial Traps — Don't fall victim to the Intelligender Early Gender Test when you are pregnant. It's a waste of money. [Saving Money Today]

Handling the Emotions of Helping Your Parents — When helping your parents, push them on the things that are urgent but don't be confrontational. [Moolanomy]

What to Do if You Don't Like Your Child's School — If you don't like your child's school, consider looking into private school options. [Parenting Squad]

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One massive tip which I live by is to follow cancellation holidays. These aren't necessarily last minute as they are normally around a month away, yet you can find pretty much the same holiday you were looking for, but £200 off!
Also, pack light, because we buy stuff when on holiday, and this always raises the weight of the bag, meaning we often have to pay extra for the bag going over the acceptable weight.