Best Money Tips: Build a Fabulous Career Wardrobe for Less

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on building a fabulous career wardrobe for less, choosing a community college, and retiring early.

Top 5 Articles

How to Build a Fabulous Career Wardrobe for Less — To build a fabulous career wardrobe for less, check out second-hand stores. [Careful Cents]

What to Look for in a Community College — If you are looking at going to a community college, find out about guaranteed transfer programs. [Cash Money Life]

Want to Retire Early? Follow These 5 Steps — Retire early by being realistic in your expectations and diversity in your investments. [MoneyNing]

10 DIY Projects for Your Basement — Want to give your basement a makeover? Try installing peel and stick tile. [MainStreet]

How to Choose Between a Traditional and Roth IRA — When choosing between a traditional and Roth IRA, take into consideration whether or not you might need to use your investment soon. [Consumerism Commentary]

Other Essential Reading

Use Someone Else's Frequent Buyer Card for Savings and Rewards — If you don't have a frequent buyer card to a grocery store or restaurant you visit, use someone else's card! That way you save money and the other person ends up with points. [Free Money Finance]

Investing in Fine Art — Quality fine art appreciates in value over time so if you can prove it's authenticity, you can sell it and make a profit. [Narrow Bridge]

How I Launched a Successful Kickstarter Campaign — To launch a successful kickstarter campaign, get so excited that you just can't hide it! [Get Rich Slowly]

8 Creative Uses For K-Cups — Use K-Cups to make Jell-O shots or place-card holders. [SavvySugar]

Katie Holmes' Great Escape: What TomKat Can Teach Us About Interfaith Parenting — If you will be raising kids in an interfaith household, don't let the opinions of the kids grandparents cause you to ignore your partner's wishes. [Parenting Squad]

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