Best Money Tips: Career Tips for Young People

By Amy Lu on 13 October 2010 1 comment

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we give you career advice for young people, three more uses for your phone's camera, shopping recommendations for generic vs. name-brand products, and more!

Top 5 Articles

5 Best Career Tips for Young People — Job security is hard to come by these days, but you can still enjoy financial security if you follow these tips. Alpha Consumer

Quick Tip: 3 Effective Ways to Use Your Phone's Camera — Parents, homeowners, and small business owners: The camera on your phone just made your life easier — again! Organize to Revitalize

Generic vs Name Brand Products: 19 Recommendations — Looks like generic is the overall winner, but there are certain times when buying brand-name is the way to go.

5 Tips For Meeting With Your Banker — For a truly productive meeting, make sure both parties know exactly why you're there. Smart Money Daily

Good Reasons To Use Your Emergency Fund — It's good to have an emergency fund for, well, emergencies, but what constitutes an emergency? Not Made of Money

Other Essential Reading

Work At Home Scams — Common ones include multilevel marketing schemes, stuffing envelopes, and anything that asks you to pay them first before you get paid. Bargaineering

Your First Home: 4 Frequently Asked Questions — What should you ask yourself when you're buying your first home? A good one to start with is "How much can I afford?" Joe Taxpayer via Currency

Tax Deadlines Looming — Reminder: October 15 is the deadline to file Form 1040 for those who requested a six-month extension on their 2009 income-tax returns. It's also the last day to switch back to a traditional IRA if you had converted to a Roth in 2009. Kiplinger

Applying the Four Agreements To Your Life — These four principles were originally intended to help you lead a happier life. It turns out they can lead you to a happier wallet, too! Dough Roller

Fire season: Time to take inventory of your home's possessions — It's that time of year again! If you live in an area prone to Fall fires, be sure to take an inventory of your stuff. WalletPop

Frugal Tips for Busy People — Too busy to be frugal? Yeah, right! Save money on the run by buying simple foods, cooking with a crockpot, and carpooling. Being Frugal

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Fantastic tips. Frugality is an important subject for all, of course. But young people (living on smaller salaries and often strapped with debts) can benefit the most from learning how to save.

But young people should also know where to invest. My strong opinion: themselves! That's why I believe Diversification is For Old People. You should invest every dollar into making YOU as productive and valuable as possible.

Thanks again.
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