Best Money Tips: Cheap and Easy Halloween Costumes

By Ashley Jacobs on 10 October 2013 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on cheap and easy Halloween costumes, cutting Christmas costs, and lessons learned from investing.

Top 5 Articles

55 Cheap and Easy Halloween Costumes for Adults and Children — This Halloween, consider dressing as Little Red Riding Hood or a tourist. [Coupon Sherpa]

How to Cut Your Christmas Costs This Year — To cut your Christmas costs this year, purchase gifts in advance. [Canadian Finance Blog]

7 Financial Lessons I've Learned From Investing — Investing can teach you to not get greedy and to take diversification seriously. [Investor Junkie]

Ways to Help You and Your Spouse Agree on Money — Budgeting and planning together can help you and your spouse agree on money. [Take a Smart Step]

5 Ways to Ensure Your Car is Ready For The Winter — Prepare your car for winter by checking to make sure all the lights are working properly. []

Other Essential Reading

Sustainable Wealth: Avoid Death-by-Cubicle — Try to create a sustainable life for yourself by creating multiple self-renewing sources of income. [Afford Anything]

What's the Best Time to Submit a Job Application? — If you are applying for a job, send in your application between 6am and 9am. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Five Tips For Becoming A Freelancer From Someone Who Never Intended To Become A Freelancer — When pursuing freelancing opportunities, don't be a flake and be prepared to hear "no." [TeacHer Finance]

4 Vacation Spots You've Never Heard of But Should Visit — Consider visiting The Corn Islands in Nicaragua if you are looking for an uncommon vacation spot. [Young Adult Finances]

20 Frightfully Simple Halloween Decorations — Use creepy wreaths to make your home more festive this Halloween. [Parenting Squad]

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