Best Money Tips: Cheap Ways to Boost Your Brain


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on cheap ways to power up your brain, genius ways to use leftover produce, and eco-friendly ways to change up your laundry routine.

Top 5 Articles

7 Cheap Ways to Boost Brain Power — Believe it or not, playing action video games like StarCraft can improve your brain's cognitive flexibility. [Money Talks News]

26 Genius Uses For Leftover Fruits and Vegetables — Didn't sleep well last night? Potato peels can fix the dark circles under your eyes! [PopSugar Smart Living]

How To Green Your Laundry Routine — Use a rag with essential oil in place of dryer sheets, which are wasteful, hard on our environment and full of chemicals. [Moms Need to Know]

10 Most Affordable Communities for Renters — The percent of median income needed to rent in Delaware County, Ohio, is only 14%. With an unemployment rate of just 3.6%, it's a good option for renters who want to live in the Columbus metro area. [Get Out of Debt Guy]

5 Money Tips for Vacationing With Friends — It's important to be flexible when you're on a joint vacation. Be willing to try new foods, activities, and travel and lodging options…but you might also want to put some time apart in your itinerary. []

Other Essential Reading

3 Home Security Strategies to Help Protect Your Family — Most intruders enter homes through the front door, so secure yours with a door brace. [Modest Money]

5 Things You Need To Ask About Your Credit Cards — Does your credit card's issuer offer leniency in case you have to make a late payment? [The Smile Lifestyle]

Five DIY projects that don't save you money — The cost of candle-making supplies easily exceed what you'd pay for candles from a store. [The Monitor]

14 Things to Know Before Putting Your Place on Airbnb — Airbnb is certainly popular, but you'll increase the chances of having your place seen and booked if you list on multiple platforms. [Cheapism]

4 Books to Spark the Fun and Imagination of Your Child’s Mind — "Why Is the Moon Following Me" is filled with fun poems that teach kids about the night sky. [Parenting Squad]

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