Best Money Tips: Cheap Ways to Treat Yourself

By Ashley Jacobs on 11 March 2014 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on cheap ways to treat yourself, changes to 2013 tax returns, and establihsing a difficult but rewarding habit.

Top 5 Articles

22 Cheap Ways to Treat Yourself — To treat yourself on the cheap, explore a museum you've never been to or take a walk around your neighborhood. [PopSugar Smart Living]

6 changes for 2013 tax returns — In 2013, the maximum that taxpayers can save in a flexible spending account is $2,500. [Living on the Cheap]

Establishing a Difficult but Rewarding Habit — When establishing a difficult but rewarding habit, establish a clear standard for success every day. [The Simple Dollar]

6 Ways to Avoid Overdraft Fees — Monitoring your accounts closely can help you avoid overdraft fees. []

5 Ways to Simplify Your Finances — Focusing on one area at a time can simplify your finances. [Cult of Money]

Other Essential Reading

Novel ways to teach kids about saving money — Using piggy banks is just one way to teach kids about saving money. [Money Blue Book]

How to Find Money to Invest — If you need to find money to invest, try earning some side income. [Cash Money Life]

Springing Forward: Tips for Helping Your Child Adjust to Daylight Savings Time — To help your kids adjust to daylight savings time, keep their naps consistent. [Parenting Squad]

8 Ways to Earn Extra Money in Washington — Freelancing and tutoring are just a couple ways to make extra money. [American Debt Project]

Are You Building a Future-Proof Business? — When building a future-proof business, create your own positive focus sessions. [Careful Cents]

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