Best Money Tips: Cloth Diapering 101

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share the basics behind cloth diapers, why coffee will be more costly, and how to "cheat" your way to a good risotto!

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Cloth Diapering 101 — It may be great for the environment, but will it save you much money? This breakdown gives you the bottom line on cloth bottoms, as well as tips to you help you get started. Mom Advice

10 Things You’ll Be Paying More for Soon — Loving that half-caf may cost you more in the very near future. Learn why (and what other much-loved items will increase in price) and prepare! WalletPop

Tips and Tricks to Get Your Pet To Sit Still for Photos — Love those cute little holiday pics of puppies and kitties dressed up in costume? You can DIY with your own pet with these tried and true tips! ReadyMade

A Cheating Way of Cooking Risotto — It’s yummy, but can be a pain to prepare. Learn a nifty hack for risotto that’s just a delicious, without the hassle. Stepcase Lifehack

Tacky or Thrifty? Couponing and First Date Etiquette — I personally find a frugal date to be hot (hence my marriage to my ultra-cheap hubby), but will all chicks dig the coupon? Coupon Sherpa

Other Essential Reading

Should You Replace Your Clunker? Or Fix It? When is it time to “cash” out and try your luck with a newer (and quite possibly, more reliable) automobile? This is a good start to finding out. Currency

Why You Can’t Find a Cheap Used Car — And speaking of cars…. If you’re looking to replace that unreliable ride with another used car, you may be paying more than you should! MSN Money

4 High-Tech Weapons for the War Against Germs — Get super savvy with this ways to kill germs and fight bacteria. Your family will thank you! My Life Scoop

The Strangest Laws for Consumers — Installing a pinball machine or playing bingo for longer than 5 hours may be illegal. We’ll tell you where (as well as several other crazy laws) in this fun article! Main Street

No Fee Investing: Too Good to Be True — Can it be? Not really. Check out this answer to a reader’s question about complimentary fund management. CNN Money

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