Best Money Tips: Combat Student Loan Debt

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on how to combat student loan debt, things to consider when signing up for a loyalty program, and ways to save on gas.

Top 5 Articles

How to Combat Student Loan Debt — Combat student loan debt by talking to your employer and seeing if they can help with tuition. [LifeTuner]

Should You Sign Up For A Loyalty Program? 7 Things to Consider — Before you sign up for a loyalty program, make sure the program is listening to you. [MintLife Blog]

Ways to Save Money on Gas — Save money on gas by carpooling. [Sweating The Big Stuff]

17 Tips on Speech Writing and Delivery — Give a great speech by memorizing your opening and ending. [Prolific Living]

Why You Should Have a Will — It is vital to have a will so that if something happens to you, you will have a say in the guardianship of your children. [DivineCaroline]

Other Essential Reading

Simplifying Family Meals — Simplify family meals by storing food in individual containers. [Parenting Squad]

A Few Things You Need to Know About Paypal — Using Paypal is generally a safe way to send and receive payments online. [Grad Money Matters]

6 Tips for Battling Loneliness — Beat the feeling of loneliness by trying to figure out what is missing in your life. [The Happiness Project]

The Importance of Meeting New People — Meeting new people is important because it allows you to get out of your shell. [The Financial Blogger]

6 Reasons Not to Send Professional Emails After Dark — Don't send work emails late at night because you are more prone to making mistakes. [SavvySugar]

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Remember, Student Loan Debt rates are going to be alot lower than Credit Card debt, make sure you handle the CC first, then focus on the SLD.

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Gathering tips on how to tackle your student loan debt is a good strategy! You get an awareness over your finances and you learn from someone else's experience!

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for me rather than simply going to the best college that will accept me, i may prefer a less expensive school to avoid digging a debt hole that could take years or even decades to recover from.