Best Money Tips: Common Cold Cures That Actually Work

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found common cold cures that actually work, Southwest hacks for cheap and cheerful flights, and ways to save big on furniture and appliances.

Top 5 Articles

8 Common Cold Cures That Actually Seem to Work — Eat spicy foods! Capsaicin can reduce nasal inflammation, helping you breathe more easily when you're sick. [Mark's Daily Apple]

12 Southwest Hacks For Cheap and Cheerful Flights — If you book early and the price of the ticket later drops, you can rebook your reservation and get flight credit as a refund. [PopSugar Smart Living]

You’re Probably Spending Too Much Money on Furniture and Appliances. Here are 20 Ways to Save Big — Using an inflatable mattress or a futon for guests will allow you to save money and space. [Penny Hoarder]

18 Tips to Keep Your Money Safe While Shopping for the Holidays — Shopping online? Make sure your computer is updated with the latest anti-virus and spam software, and enable your firewall. [Everything Finance]

6 Holiday Costs You Forgot To Budget For — Low on wrapping paper and gift bags? You'll need to find cheap ways to dress up your gifts or pay for wrapping materials. [Stack The Chips]

Other Essential Reading

How To Protect Your Identity While Traveling — Don't share your upcoming travel plans on social media. It's an easy way for thieves to know the best time to target your house. [Smart On Money]

3 Reasons To Choose Chapter 13 Bankruptcy — If you need to file bankruptcy, Chapter 13 may allow you to resolve past-due mortgage problems and keep your home. [Financially Poor]

10 Easy and Inexpensive Christmas Traditions to Adopt — Did you know that you can call Santa and leave him your wish list? [Cult of Money]

The One Thing You Need to Do to Work Less and Make More Money — The key to making more money with less work is focus. [My Money Design]

7 Questions to Ask Your Child's Teacher Before Holiday Break — It can be difficult to keep kids motivated and engaged during the holiday break. See if your child's teacher has any helpful tips in this department! [Parenting Squad]

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