Best Money Tips: Common Mistakes in Your Family Budget


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on common mistakes in a family budget, creative ways to use tape, and why you may be spending more money in fall than summer.

Top 5 Articles

Five Common Mistakes When Doing a Family Budget — Making a budget isn't just about spending — you need to factor savings into the equation, too! [Bargain Briana]

13 Reasons Tape Is Your Ultimate Creative Tool — Use tape to remove a lipstick smear on your silk blouse. [PopSugar Smart Living]

10 Reasons Why Fall Is More Expensive Than Summer — Planning to travel this fall? The rates of flights offered by airline carriers will increase as the season changes. [Don't Pay Full]

Farming pioneer Joel Salatin’s secrets to reconnecting with your food — There are ways to participate in your local food chain even if you live in a city. You can buy locally, cook at home, and grow your own food. [The Monitor]

Up the Ladder: Smart Strategies to Get That Promotion or Pay Raise — Research the average pay for your position in the industry. This number will give you a reference point when you ask for a raise. [Thousandaire]

Other Essential Reading

New baby? Here’s your new account checklist — Look over your work benefits. Can you or your space get paid leave? What health benefits will be available for your baby? [Consumerism Commentary]

How I Replaced My Day Job Income Within 3 Months of Quitting — Starting a lateral side hustle will make your transition to a new freelance career much easier. [Careful Cents]

How To Invest On A Small Income — If you're a low to moderate income tax payer with retirement savings, you may be eligible to claim the saver's credit. [Listen Money Matters]

Do You Have a Money Philosophy? — Having a money philosophy will give you better control over your money. You'll be more like to spend in a way that makes sense for you. [Canadian Finance Blog]

5 Freezer Meals Your Kids Will Love — Boxed mac and cheese doesn't stand a chance against Ina Garten's version. Make a couple batches of this kid-approved meal and freeze for later! [Parenting Squad]

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