Best Money Tips: Common Work Email Mistakes


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we share common work email goofs and how to get around them, traits of environmentally-friendly clothing, and ways to spot fake product reviews.

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18 Common Work E-mail Mistakes — To avoid sending an email before you mean to, don't enter the recipient's email address until you've reviewed the message and it's ready to go. U.S. News

How to Make Greener Clothing Choices — Look for items that can be washed in cold water and lined dried. They'll last longer and have less of an environmental impact. Personal Dividends

11 Tips to Avoid Fake Reviews — The most common kind of fake review is full of adjectives and buzzwords ("it's great/amazing/excellent") without an explanation to support the product's awesomeness. Money Talks News

Creating a home paper management system — Keep your family's paperwork out of the way (and off your kitchen counter) with this system of envelopes — behind a closet door! Unclutterer

The Best Times to Buy Anything in 2011 — Here's a month-by-month list of what to buy. (January is good for bicycles and sporting goods, furniture, digital frames, and carpeting.) Lifehacker

Other Essential Reading

10 Painless Ways to Save for Vacation — Ordering tap water instead of overpriced drinks with your restaurant meals can help the average family of four save about $800 a year — a good chunk of a vacation budget. The Daily Green

4 Vacation Disasters Overseas, and How We Solved Them — Before you leave for vacation, talk to your health insurer and doctor about your options while traveling. Getting sick overseas is no fun, but at least you'll have an easier time finding medical help. Money Smart Life via Currency

Got Clutter? 8 Great Ways to Get Rid Of Your Stuff — If you're crafty or handy (or you know someone who is), try to find ways to repurpose your old stuff and give it new life. Parenting Squad

Chicken Pot Pie Soup — Here's a healthy and delicious spin on a classic dish! Wholesome Mommy

7 Simple Tax Planning Strategies To Use All Year Round — Doing your taxes can take days if you try to organize everything in one sitting. You can make it easier come tax time by picking up some helpful habits, like downloading or filing your bank account statements each month. The Digerati Life

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