Best Money Tips: Control Your Money, Control Your Mind


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on controlling your money and mind, splitting costs with your partner, and life truths you should live by.

Top 5 Articles

Control Your Money, Control Your Mind 12 Tips — Feel more in control of your life by writing things down and improving your methods. [And Then We Saved]

Drama Free Guide to Splitting Costs with Your SO — When in a relationship, consider taking turns when paying for things. [PopSugar Smart Living]

15 Essential Life Truths You Need to Live By — Remember to find purpose in all that you do and don't take things so personally. [Lifehack]

Grow Your Career by Volunteering — Volunteering can help you develop your network and fill in unemployment gaps. [Free Money Finance]

How To Complain And Get What You Deserve — To complain and get what you deserve, getting a little worked up but not being flat out rude can do the trick. [Sweating the Big Stuff]

Other Essential Reading

9 Things Happy Couples Never Think — Happy couples never think that the other should change for them. [Marc and Angel Hack Life]

Do You Have to Be Crazy to Reach Your Dreams? — There may be a difference between being crazy and being enthusiastic. [Time Management Ninja]

3 Paths to Squash Your Negative Attitude — If you think your negativity is a byproduct of something, find the underlying meaning. [Dumb Little Man]

What's the Best Way to Move a Desktop Computer? — When moving a desktop computer, pack it like a manufacturer would. [Lifehacker]

Make Fun in the Sun Safe For Your Family — Using sunscreen and checking skin often can keep your family sun safe this summer. [Parenting Squad]

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