Best Money Tips: Correct Credit Report Errors for Free

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, tell you how to fix your own credit report errors, whether social security will actually be around when you retire, and how to make a mean guacamole!

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How to Correct Credit Report Errors Yourself for Free — It may be frustrating and take some time, but you do have the power to handle this on your own. Before you pay someone to handle your corrections, read this simple explanation. Wealth Pilgrim

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Will Social Security Be There When I Retire? I just got my annual social security statement as well, so this news wasn't new (although it was surprising to hear it straight from the horse's mouth.) What did it say? Get the juicy details here. Well-Heeled Blog

The Hidden Cost of Exotic Pets — Not that I've ever wanted a tiger, but this article sheds some light on some of the more "unique" pets — and what they'll really cost you. Dough Roller

Shop at Costco Without a Membership — Betcha didn’t know about this one! This clever trick lets you shop — without the costly annual membership fee. Consumerist

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Hey Linsey, thanks so so much for linking my article.... I was just randomly surfing Wisebread and I saw my link :)

Will check out some of the other links too.


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Thank you, Forest!

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David Lye

Thank you for letting people know about how to fix their report for free. Frustrates me no end that so many people (in Australia anyway) do nothing about it or pay over the odds to get it fixed. We've got more info on how to do it here

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Don’t bother fixing what can’t be fixed by lying about it. Credit bureaus have a way of verifying the information on those reports and unless they are indeed erroneous, you won’t get much headway in your dispute. The toughest cleaning act is getting rid of child support judgments, bankruptcies, property judgments and foreclosures and collection efforts as these are well documented that credit bureaus can easily verify electronically though the e-Oscar site.

Apart from these, your best bet would be to check on items that are not yours, have wrong accounts numbers, wrong amounts, wrong balances, wrong credit limits or wrong dates in any recorded transaction. You will need an eagle eye to spot these but always dispute the negative line items in any of these areas and chances are the bureau won’t have the right record and will resolve the matter in your favor. Also bear in mind that credit bureaus are under pressure to resolve disputes within 30 days of receiving one.

Credit bureaus will investigate all dispute claims as mandated by law. Virtually all the disputes center on inaccurate information and would often take half a year to resolve. In my case, efforts to clean my credit report paid off only after 3 months as was able to correct some wrong payment information, inaccurate amounts and dates.