Best Money Tips: Could Your Job Be Outsourced?

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we share how you can tell if your job could be outsourced, ways to clean with a banana skin or a coffee filter, and pointers on the art of negotiation.

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3 Signs Your Job Could Get Outsourced, and How to Fight It — Your job may outsourced if your position isn't considered core. However, you can reduce the risk by diversifying your skills and experience so that you're more valuable to the company. Darwin's Money via Currency

Clean your shoes with a banana skin — and three other fruity tricks — Here's a cheap, green, and good-smelling way to shine your leather shoes. Miss Thrifty

Put a Coffee Filter to Work on Your TV Screen — Coffee filters are perfect for wiping the dust off TV screens and computer monitors. Who knew? (I didn't!) Unplggd

5 Steps to Help Anyone Negotiate for Things Money Can't Buy — Treat your negotiation like a conversation — an opportunity to develop a positive relationship with the other party. Free Money Finance

How To Throw A Kid-Friendly, Grown-Up Party — Give the kids their own space to play games and crash out — just make sure there's enough room for all of them. Parenting Squad

Other Essential Reading

Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card: Bring Your Lunch Contest — Do you know a cheaper, tastier lunch than a salami sandwich? The Writer's Coin

Putting Your Teenage Son or Daughter on Your Auto Insurance Policy — Look for policies with "good driver" and "good student" discounts. Generation X Finance

How To File Your 2010 Federal Taxes For Free In 2011 — Here's a quick overview of several companies that offer free tax-filing services, including TurboTax, CompleteTax, H&R Block, and more. Bible Money Matters

Do You Need To Adjust Your W-4? — You may need to make changes to your W-4 if your family situation changed due to marriage, divorce, or children. Financially Poor

5 Ways To Lessen The Duration Of Undesirable Events — Take the edge off your misery by doing something you enjoy before and after the event you dread. Money Reasons

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