Best Money Tips: Creating the Ultimate Resume

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on creating the ultimate resume, tips to investing in rental property, and things you can sell to pay down debt.

Top 5 Articles

Creating the Ultimate Resume - 34 Epic Tips — If you want the ultimate resume, use keywords throughout your resume but don't spam it. [Cash Money Life]

Top 5 Tips to Investing in Rental Property for Fun and Profit — When investing in rental property for fun and profit, remember that smaller is better. [Moolanomy]

Get Out Of Debt: 20 Things You Can Sell To Pay Down Debt — Get out of debt by selling your furniture or plasma. [Christian PF]

5 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Health — Surfing the Internet can actually boost your health! [Personal Dividends]

Ways To Cut Unnecessary Spending — To cut unnecessary spending, be sure to store your food properly. [Savings Scoop]

Other Essential Reading

Spring Break Science Experiments to Get Your Kids Outdoors — Get your kids outdoors this spring by having them bird watch. [Parenting Squad]

How To Replace Those Lost Tax Documents — To replace your missing receipts, try to go online and use your bank account history to prove expenses. [SavvySugar]

Discipline is Vital for Financial Success — Most millionaires have the trait of being disciplined. It is a trait that is vital to financial success. [Free Money Finance]

Watch March Madness Free on the Internet and Smartphones — If you are into March Madness, Thousandiare shares a tip on how to watch the games for free! [Thousandaire]

Four Overlooked Estate Planning Documents You Need — When it comes to planning your estate, make sure you have a living will. [Money Q&A]

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Get Rich Slowly's #moolah Tweetchat — Don't miss Get Rich Slowly's #moolah tweetchat from 4pm-5pm PST! This week they will be talking about taxes.

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