Best Money Tips: Crème Brûlée Without an Oven


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share a nifty hack for creme brulee, some clever Craigslist search tips, and coupon stacking how-to's!

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A Quick Way to Make crème Brulee without an Oven — You'll still need a kitchen torch, but this simple tutorial will yield you an oven-free dessert you can be proud of! Stepcase Lifehack

5 Time Saving Tips for Searching Craigslist — The most popular online classified site is also very flawed. Learn how to get around human listing errors with these clever hacks. Apartment Therapy

7 Tips to Save While Baking — You can save big bucks by making your own baked goods. Here are 7 ways to stretch the savings even further! Penniless Parenting

Does Your Insurance Policy Cover Pregnancy? Check Again — Sadly, prenatal care and delivery isn't something that's often covered with many plans. Get a head start on your family planning with these important tips! LearnVest

Is it a Gold Bubble When You Can Cash in Gold at Sears and Kmart? Everyone seems to be selling gold these days. But is it just a passing (and worthless) fad? Darwin's Finance<

Other Essential Reading

What's Your Minutes Per Dollar Rate? For those who subscribe wholeheartedly to a “time is money” mindset, this formula and explanation is worth a few minutes of your time (or, in this case, a few cents). Worth Wild

8 Tips to Effective Coupon Stacking — What's “stacking” and how can it save you the most money on all your purchases? Find out from the experts in this articles. Coupon Sherpa

4 Tips for Memorial Day Car Rentals — Don't get caught spending more than you have to this holiday! These car rental tips are great for any time of year. Main Street

Read This Before You Go Clothes Shopping — Buying something on sale that you wouldn't buy for full price is a no-no. Learn what else you should know before you buy your next wardrobe. It's Your Money

How to Save Money on Tires — For your safety, it's best not to scrimp. It's still OK to save, however, with some of these clever guidelines. Money Ning

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