Best Money Tips: Dealing With a Boring Job

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we share tips to help you deal with a boring job, handy kitchen uses for resealable bags, quick ways for busy moms to relax, and more.

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How to deal with a boring job — See if you can improve the situation by taking classes or getting training in your field. Your new skills and education can land you more responsibility or more interesting projects. Productivity 501

8 Kitchen Uses for Resealable Bags — What's an easy, no-mess way to melt chocolate? Simply toss and seal the chocolate in a freezer bag and let the bag sit in warm water. Shine

10 Ways To Take 10 Minutes For Mom — Relax with a cup of tea or coffee, but remember to actually sit down to enjoy your brew. Parenting Squad

10 Free Financial Services to Help you Dominate your Financial New Year's Resolutions — Start off the new year with free checking, free credit cards — and even free money! 20Somethingfinance

Money Saving Techniques for the Truly Hard Core — In some cases, half works just as well as one. Get double the use by simply cutting in half a dryer sheet paper towels, straws for kids' drinks, dust cloths, etc. Billeater

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5 Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes — A tiny crack in a frozen pipe can spew up to hundreds of gallons of water a day! To protect your home from frozen pipes, make sure to seal any air leaks where cold air can seep in. MainStreet

5 Ways to Get Costco Membership Discounts — Many large organizations offer coupons and discounts to their members, so don't forget to check your associations for deals on Costco membership. Money Smart Life

Cash in Now for Secondhand Savings — Attention all savvy-shoppers and deal-getters: now is the best time to hit your local thrift stores! The Sun's Financial Diary

Resume Tips for Recent College Graduates — Always write a cover letter to go with your resume, and take the extra effort to tailor both your resume your cover letter to the position you're applying for. Green Panda Treehouse

How Do You Get a Mortgage if You're Self-Employed? — You may owe more taxes if you issue yourself a W-2 from your business, but it could help you qualify for a lower interest rate on your mortgage. Consumerism Commentary via Currency

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The frozen pipe tip could come in really handy this winter. Thanks for mentioning my Costco article!