Best Money Tips: Dining Hacks From Restaurant Insiders

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on dining hacks from restaurant insiders, reconsidering the college investment, and tools to help you find the cheapest textbooks.

Top 5 Articles

12 Drinking and Dining Hacks From Restaurant Insiders — When drinking or dining out, save money by skipping the pricey liquor and only ordering an appetizer. [PopSugar Smart Living]

The "Ivory Tower": Reconsidering the College Investment — Did you know nationally, student loan debt has reached the trillion-dollar mark? [Get Rich Slowly]

5 Tools to Help You Find the Cheapest Textbooks — Barnes & Noble and can help you find textbooks on the cheap. [The Dough Roller]

Are You Getting Ahead or Falling Behind? — If you are managing your career successfully, you are probably getting ahead. [Five Cent Nickel]

How Much Does Your Stuff Cost? — Have you ever considered how much your stuff costs you when it comes to the time you spent buying it? [Red Debted Stepchild]

Other Essential Reading

Are You an Emotional Shopper? — If you purchase items in hopes they will improve your state of mind, you are probably an emotional shopper. [Fit is the New Poor]

How to Be Open to Opportunities for Abundance — Being a good steward of your money can keep you open to opportunities for abundance. [Amanda Abella]

3 Do Over Options for Social Security Benefits — Did you take your social security benefits early? Give yourself a do-over by working it off. [Getting Your Financial Ducks in a Row]

Four Items That You Don't Need to Splurge on to Impress Him — Ladies, don't feel the need to splurge on makeup to impress a guy. [The Budgetnista]

10 Things to Do With Your Kids This Weekend — This weekend, consider going on a treasure hunt or to a concert with your kids. [Parenting Squad]

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