Best Money Tips: Don't Miss These End-of-Summer Freebies!

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on hot end-of-summer freebies, side hustles that aren’t worth the effort, and daily habits to help you get more done with less stress.

Top 5 Articles

Sizzling End-of-Summer Freebies — Learn how you can get a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut, a small Blizzard from Dairy Queen, a six-pack of Arrowhead sparkling water, and many other freebies! [Cheapism]

Don’t Try This at Home: You Are Not Going to Make Money With These Five Side Hustles — Selling your old stuff online is a great way to make extra money, but it isn't a reliable, ongoing source of income unless you have a constant supply of stuff to sell. [The Simple Dollar]

Get More Done with (a Lot) Less Stress: 12 Helpful Daily Habits — Limit your emails to 1-5 sentences whenever possible. You can spend even less time on emails by using canned responses for common questions. [The Positivity Blog]

36 Moves to Change Your Life For the Better — Spice up your life with new experiences! Travel somewhere you haven't been before or eat something you've never tried. [PopSugar Smart Living]

9 Ways Mother Nature Can Save You Money — If you live in a windy area, you can run your home off a small turbine. The up-front costs are high, but there is a potential for huge savings in the long run. [Everything Finance]

Other Essential Reading

7 Truths About Real Estate Investing — Real estate is not passive income. From getting your property rented out to replacing things as they break, being a landlord requires a lot of work! [My Dollar Plan]

5 Personal Development Goals You Need In Your Workplace — Aim to build and improve your relationships with people at work. Communicate openly and honestly with co-workers and other staff. [PakWired]

3 Ways To Brighten A Dull Résumé — Present your skills to highlight your expertise, not your work history or past duties. [Life Upgrade]

How to Score the Best Deals on Home Appliances — Many stores offer big discounts on holiday weekends like Memorial Day, Labor Day, and 4th of July, so keep an eye out for sales around those times. [Shopper Strategy]

7 Surprising Ways Floating Improves Your Mental and Physical Well-Being — The simple act of floating in water can help soothe PTSD and anxiety. It helps your body relax even more than you would when you sleep. [Pick The Brain]

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