Best Money Tips: Easy Apple Muffins

By Linsey Knerl on 21 September 2010 0 comments
Photo: DeusXFlorida

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we tell you a simple recipe for apple pie muffins, 20 things that are cheaper to buy than fix, and how to avoid common investing mistakes.

Top 5 Articles

Avoid the 10 Most Common Investor Mistakes — This is a lengthy read, but a worthy one. Get tips 1-3 here! Free Money Finance

Apple Pie Muffins — These are too delicious to share! If you’ve been to a u-pick-em orchard lately, here is a great way to use them up. Mom Advice

20 Things It’s Cheaper to Buy Than DIY — Even if you love sewing your own clothes, chances are good that’s it’s not really a frugal option. Find out what else costs more to craft than to purchase outright. Coupon Sherpa

Canning Vegetables: How It Works — Curious as to the science behind canning your own tomatoes or fruit? This is fascinating stuff! Grit Magazine

20 Things to Shop For at Second Hand Stores and Consignment Shops — If you’re wanting to expand your horizons when buying second hand, this is the list to reference! The Simple Dollar

Other Essential Reading

6 Great Ways to Find Online Communities — Chatting while browsing the net is fun, but it doesn’t have the same appeal as meeting people in real life. Find out the best ways to merge both worlds in this insightful read! My Life Scoop

Top Foods to Keep In Your Pantry — If you’re missing taco shells or nut butter, you’re probably missing out! Parenting Squad

Why Cash is Almost Always Better Than Gift Cards — This visual says quite a bit about spending and giving. Do you think cash is still king? MintLife via Lifehacker

Make Your Own Rainbow Crayons — The broken ones are no fun to use. Repurpose them with these cheerful, toddler-friendly creations. Momtastic

10 Apps That Break Apples App Store Guidelines — This is a quirky read, choosing 10 iPhone apps that don’t follow the rules — (but they sure do make Apple money!). Techland

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