Best Money Tips: Easy Hacks for Everyday Problems


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles with easy life hacks for everyday problems, tricks to save on winter spending, and personal finance rules you may need to break.

Top 5 Articles

25 Easy Life Hacks for Everyday Problems — Line the bottom of your kitchen trash can with newspapers to absorb leaks and keep drips off your floor. [Untemplater]

6 Tricks to Save on Winter Spending — Use a space heater if you only need to heat up one or two rooms — it's cheaper than central heating. [PopSugar Smart Living]

5 Personal Finance Rules You Might Have to Break — When it comes to your home, buying isn't always better than renting. You won't earn equity from renting, but you also won't be responsible for maintenance and repairs. [Phroogal Blog]

3 Habits Surprisingly Killing Your Productivity — It's easy to skip your break when you find you don't have enough time, but seriously, don't do it! Use your breaks to recharge your brain and body. [Dumb Little Man]

3 Ways to Recover From Burnout — Take a look at your activities and your interactions with people — are they giving you energy or taking energy away? [Ridiculously Efficient]

Other Essential Reading

5 Simple Ways to Turn a Crappy Day Into the Best Day Ever — Don't overlook the goodness in your life. Take a moment to acknowledge the things that have worked out for you so far. [Leading Edge Advocate]

4 Rules for Using Social Media to Promote Your Business — Use catchy, relevant pictures to draw readers in. [Grad Money Matters]

5 Ways to Know a Company's Work Culture (Without Asking) — If a recruiter insists on going over each and every point of your resume during an interview, that tells you that they only looking to hire your skills, not you as a person. [Zoho Blogs]

Holiday Guide: Make the Most of Your Visit to Mall Santa — Pack extra clothes in case there's a spill, and bring snacks and toys in case there's a line. [Parenting Squad]

5 Passive Income Myths Blocking You From Earning Passive Income, Debunked — Many people want to establish passive income first, then pursue what they really want to do, when they can actually set up their passive income around what they love. [Personal Excellence]

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