Best Money Tips: Energy Secrets for 9-to-5ers

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on energy secrets for nine-to-fivers, life skills you develop by traveling the world, and ways to stay relevant in your career.

Top 5 Articles

8 Powerhouse Energy Secrets Every Nine-to-Fiver Should Know — Use your lunch hour to eat and socialize with friends. Your body needs the food and the endorphins from a fun, relaxing lunch. [Dumb Little Man]

6 Indispensable Life Skills You Develop As a Globe Trotter — The more traveling you do, the more you learn to appreciate other people's stories and perspectives. [Pick The Brain]

5 Ways to Stay Relevant in Your Career — You can internalize what you've learned by teaching it to someone else…so spread the knowledge! [Thad Thoughts]

13 Things That Are Causing Your Bills to Skyrocket — Always check your receipts, bills, and statements for mistakes and unexpected fees. The sooner you catch them, the better chances you'll have of getting your money back! [PopSugar Smart Living]

Six credit card myths debunked — There's a belief that opening many credit card accounts will help raise your credit score. In reality, applying for credit cards will result in hard inquiries on your credit — and having too many hard inquiries will actually lower your score. [The Monitor]

Other Essential Reading

Why Obsessing for a Perfect Credit Score Is a Waste of Your Time — Most high-scoring consumers are already at an acceptable level of credit risk. Lenders can't give you lower rates than they're offering regardless of how high your credit score is. [Credit Sesame]

When you want to travel determines when you’ll find the cheapest airline tickets — If you're planning to travel by plane this summer, book your flight about 76 days before your travel date. [Bargaineering]

Have You Considered the True Cost of Minimalism? — Embracing a life of minimalism can cost you time in unexpected ways.

Can You Afford to Change Jobs? — Create a "dream job budget" based on your current one. How will your budget change to reflect your new estimated income? [Abacus Wealth]

5 Habits of Stressed Out Parents - and How to Break 'em — Parents who are stressed out may take it out on their partners sometimes. The key is to remember you're partners! Offer to help each other out when stress levels are on the rise. [Parenting Squad]

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