Best Money Tips: Escaping the Mundane

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we tell you how watching movies can increase your money IQ, why the rich are leaving their mansions, and how to get stuff done after a tiring day at work!

Top 5 Articles

10 Movies That Can Teach You About Money — You don't have to read through a boring book on "money management" to get all the life lessons for handling cash. These movies can also help! MintLife Blog

Are the Rich Walking Away From Million Dollar Mortgages? What's up with all the celebrities losing their mega-mansions? This piece helps put it into perspective. Watson Inc.

Exhausted After Work — You know the scenario: You return home from work completely wiped out and there are more chores to be done! How do you overcome fatigue to get your household jobs tackled? This is encouraging reading. Unclutterer

5 Common Happiness Mistakes (Boosters) That Actually Do More Harm Than Good — Are you using any of these as a crutch? You might want to stop it. The Happiness Project

13 Tips for Enjoying Poker — The history of Wise Bread embedded in the joys of poker. For those of you who don't actually like it, however, these tips are for you! The Art of Manliness

Other Essential Reading

Escaping the Mundane — Doing the same things over and over (especially in regards to defeating debt) can drain the life out of your life. Don't fall prey to the thought that frugality somehow equals deprivation. This article is an inspiration! The Simple Dollar

Save Money on Shipping With Free Boxes from USPS — While UPS and FedEx will also give you free boxes (assuming you use their services), most people are more likely to use USPS for their shipping needs. Don't ever pay for boxes again! Get Rich Slowly

Treat Your Job as If You’ve Won the Lottery — With unemployment high, and opportunities in many areas low, consider how lucky you are to be employed! Financial Samurai

6 Ways to Make Your Flip Videos Rock — There's more to great video than just whipping out the Flip and expecting magic to happen. Get professional tips for better videos now! My Life Scoop

Welcome to the Real World — With heavy reference to The Matrix, this re-release of an older blog post offers some hard truth about money. Brip Blap

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Hi Linsey, Looking forward to reading the list-especially the unclutterer and happiness project articles. These links are all quality! Thanks, Barb Friedberg