Best Money Tips: Essential Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some helpful articles with tips for shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, stretching your holiday shopping dollar, and the best price-comparison apps.

Top 5 Articles

10 Essential Tips for Shopping Black Friday and Cyber Monday — Don't You Dare Dare Shop Without Reading This — Check the Internet in intervals! You'll likely find different deals at different parts of the day. [Free From Broke]

8 Tips on How to Stretch Your Holiday Shopping Dollar — Give the gift of service and time by offering to paint part of a friend's home, give a massage, or fix something around the house. [Parenting Squad]

30 Best Price-Comparison Apps You Need to Download Now — ScanLife allows you to scan a barcode and see the cost (and customer reviews) across a variety of retailers. [Lifehack]

13 Stress-Inducing Habits and How to Avoid Them — Don't obsess over things you can't change. Accept that there's nothing you can do in this particular instance, and move on. [PopSugar Smart Living]

7 Ways to Have Some Feel-Good Fun for the Changing Season — Throw on a hoodie and take a nature walk! [Inspire Me Today]

Other Essential Reading

Do Nice Guys Finish Last… Financially? — Don't spend money you don't have to help people who may not even need your help. You need to stick to a budget, even when being generous. [Get Rich Slowly]

How to Set Yourself Apart From Other Interviewees — Go to events hosted by the company you want to join and events that their employees often attend. This is a great way to network with people who already work at the company you aim to get into. [Grad Money Matters]

So You Fell Off the Wagon — Being too strict on yourself when you set a financial goal (or any goal!) can trip you up when you start craving that thing you shouldn't have. Allow yourself small indulgences so you don't feel the need to binge. [Listen Money Matters]

My Secret to Making a Fulltime Living on Fiverr — Use your first 30 days as a Green Horn Seller to your fullest advantage: undercut the competition, over deliver on quality, and gain positive feedback. [Girls Just Wanna Have Funds]

The 50-Plus Job Market: 5 Trends to Watch — Although long-term joblessness among workers over 55 remains a problem, the average number of weeks between jobs has fallen since a year ago. [Retirement Revised]

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