Best Money Tips: Feel Better, Look Younger

By Amy Lu on 29 November 2010 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share an easy way to feel and look better, a strategy to convince your spouse to help manage your finances, trips for growing basil at home, and more!

Top 5 Articles

WOW – What An Easy Way To Feel Better And Look Younger! — Simply being outdoors can do wonders, and letting out your inner child certainly helps. Pick The Brain

How to Get Your Spouse Involved in Managing Your Finances — Open up about how important it is to you that your partner knows how to manage your family's finances. Cry if you must. Five Cent Nickel

How to Grow Basil in Home Garden — The best time to sow basil seeds, whether in a container or in the ground, is in the spring when there's no danger of frost. Gomestic

Freshen Up Your Garbage Disposal — Need to combat odors wafting up from your garbage disposal? Just pop in half a lemon for a fresh, citrus-y scent. CasaSugar

Christmas Gifts That Make a Difference — Memberships and annual passes make great gifts because they provide savings all year round. Get Rich Slowly

Other Essential Reading

The 10 Commandments of Wealth and Happiness — My favorite is No. 7: "Thou shalt not regard possessions in terms of money, but time." Money Talks News

6 Car Insurance Discounts You Should Be Getting — The convenience of paperless billing or EFTs can also mean a discount on your car insurance. Saving to Invest

How we Paid off our Mortgage in 3 Years — You can end up making an extra payment every year by doing bi-weekly payments instead of monthly. Less interest is always good! Million Dollar Journey

5 Recycling Tips to Declutter Your Home — A fun way to clear out an especially messy area is to turn it into a scavenger hunt — with prizes, of course! The Daily Green

Treated Like a Criminal at Checkout? Don’t Put Up With It — Since your phone number isn't used to verify your identity, feel free to refuse when a cashier asks for it. Or just give them a fake one. Master Your Card!

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