Best Money Tips: Financial Mistakes That Will Haunt You Forever

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on financial decisions that will haunt you forever, sneaky ways to save hundreds when you sell your car, and how to make money on YouTube.

Top 5 Articles

10 Financial Decisions That Will Haunt You Forever — Don't borrow from your retirement fund to bankroll your kids' expenses — including their college tuition. [Kiplinger]

Five Sneaky Ways To Save Hundreds When Selling Your Car — You want your car to leave a good impression when a potential buyer sees it for the first time, so get a car wash and clean the inside before you take your car for the showing. [Money Q&A]

11 Easy Ways To Make Money On YouTube — Don't think about monetizing your YouTube videos until you have a solid audience and a steady stream of content. [easyWays]

The 11 Best Short Term Investments For Your Money — In an unstable market, short term investing may allow you to make money with little or no risk. [Good Financial Cents]

This Genius DIY Tool Will Forever Change the Way You Carve Pumpkins — This DIY pumpkin carving tool is cheaper and safer than traditional tools, and you probably already have everything you need to make it! [PopSugar Smart Living]

Other Essential Reading

5 Habits That Hurt Employee Productivity — You may want to reply right away when you get an email or a text message at work, but you'll save time and energy if you wait, collect your thoughts, and draft a thoughtful response that won't need to be corrected later. [Productivity Theory]

5 Mistakes That Sabotage Your Workouts — It's important to stretch before and after your workout. Stretching between exercises, however, reduces your ability to perform the next exercise. [Life & Fitness Mag]

How To Host the Most Successful Cookie Swap Party — A couple weeks before the party, decide what snacks and drinks will be served. Light finger food work well. [A Debt Free Stress Free Life]

How To Qualify For A Mortgage When Changing Jobs — Keep your lender up-to-date if you're planning to change jobs during the mortgage process. Forward them any info about how much you'll be making, including bonuses and commissions. [Cash The Checks]

10 Super Easy Makeup Tutorials for Halloween — A cheap way to dress up for Halloween is to use makeup. Learn how to do a creepy spider web, a sweet candy look, or the iconic Morticia Addams! [Don't Pay Full]

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