Best Money Tips: Financial Strategies for Stay at Home Parents


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on financial strategies for new stay at home parents, how to settle down in a new city, and life insurance policies you don't need.

Top 5 Articles

Financial Strategies for the New Stay at Home Parent — As a new stay at home parent, be sure to implement the strategy of income splitting. [Million Dollar Journey]

The Stress-Free Guide to Settling Down in a New City — Get settled in a new city by talking to the locals and getting the lowdown on your new home. [Lifehacker]

Four Types of Life Insurance That Are a Complete Waste of Money — Don't waste your money on flight accident insurance. It's not necessary. [Five Cent Nickel]

7 Signs of a Winner — If you want to know whether or not a stock is a winner, check to see if if it has improving margins. [The Motley Fool]

Stash or Trash? Five Tips to Decide Whether to Store, Sell or Discard Belongings When You Move — If you are on the fence about whether or not to trash or stash something, chances are you should trash it. [Deliver Away Debt]

Other Essential Reading

3 Ways to Declutter Your Desk and Divorce Your Mess — Get your desk cleaned up by taming your paperwork. [Currency]

Gotcha! 7 In-Store Grocery Advertising Techniques — When you are at the market, you are bombarded with seven different forms of advertising, including floor talkers and receipt advertising. [Coupon Sherpa]

10 Life-Altering mind Shifts To Rock Your World — Rock your world by making a shift to a present moment mindset and don't let the past hold you back. [PickTheBrain]

3 Things That Mom REALLY Wants For Mother's Day! — This Mother's Day, give your mom the chance to sleep in. [Parenting Squad]

Stop Wasting Time - How to Search Like a Pro — Make your online searches more productive by knowing that word order matters to Google. [Stepcase Lifehack]

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I was really excited to read the "Financial Strategies for Stay at Home Parents" article because that is a situation in our near future, and I am gathering all the advice I can find. Unfortunately, it's written by a Canadian blogger, which is wonderful, but some of the advice he offers doesn't translate to life in the United States.

Do you have any tips/suggestions/advice (or links to the same) for American couples in the planning stages of parenthood?

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Thanks for the mention Ashley!