Best Money Tips: Five Ways to Use Your Tax Refund


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on five ways to use your tax refund, moving made eas, and teaching high school kids how to manage money.

Top 5 Articles

Top Five Ways to Use your Tax Return — Use your tax return to start a college fund for your kids. [Free Money Wisdom]

Moving Made Easy - How to Save Money, Time, and Reduce Stress While Moving — Two weeks before you move, remember to file change of address forms. [Generation X Finance]

Teaching High School Kids How to Manage Money — Did you know only nine states have programs in place to assess financial literacy? [Parenting Squad]

5 Ways You Are Screwing Up Your New Job Search and How to Fix It — You may be screwing up your new job search if you are not considering the employer's wants and needs. [Good Financial Cents]

How to save money while Keeping Fit — To save money while keeping fit, find fitness deals online. []

Other Essential Reading

8 Things Not To Do When You're Asking For A Raise — Don't make things personal when you ask for a raise. [SavvySugar]

The Three MOST Valuable Money Lessons We Can Teach Our Children — Make sure your kids understand that money and time are interchangeable. [The Wisdom Journal]

How to Host Out-of-Town Guests Without Breaking the Bank — Avoid breaking the bank when hosting out-of-town guests by considering purchasing coupons. [My Dollar Plan]

3 Ways To Negotiate Credit Card Debt Yourself. — When negotiating credit card debt yourself, look into a forbearance program. [Simple Debt-Free Finance]

Yes You Can Save on Organic Products — Save on organic products at the grocery store by taking advantage of flyers and coupons. [American Consumer News]

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