Best Money Tips: Foods That Are Breaking Your Grocery Budget


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on the foods that are breaking your grocery budget, ways to wake up energized, and people you should hide from your Facebook feed.

Top 5 Articles

Five foods that are breaking your grocery budget — The worst outbreak of bird flu in decades has caused egg prices to skyrocket. [The Monitor]

Do These 5 Things To Wake Up Energized (And Productive) Every Day — Listen to your body and sleep only when you're sleepy. It'll save you hours of tossing and turning! [Dumb Little Man]

8 People You Should Hide From Your Facebook Feed — Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with distant family and old friends, but feel free to hide or unfollow someone when it turns out they're a "Dirty Laundry Diva." [Moms Need to Know]

The Amazing Tea Tree Oil Mold and Mildew Killer — This DIY antifungal spray will keep mold and mildew far, far away. [PopSugar Smart Living]

What’s a Hackers Favorite Password? — In 2014, the most common password stolen by hackers was "123456". [Credit Sesame]

Other Essential Reading

3 Things Car Dealers Don't Want to Hear You Say — Ask to see the invoice. The invoice will show you the legitimate fees and you'll know exactly what you're paying for. [Kiplinger]

How To Pay Off Debt On A Low Income — You'll see the biggest results from cutting down on your biggest expenses. Think housing, transportation, and food costs. [Listen Money Matters]

Tips to Furnishing a Dorm Room Without Going Broke — Space will be limited in a dorm room. Don't buy things that can be rented or borrowed when you need it — like a vacuum cleaner! [ReadyForZero]

For better or worse: 5 ways to approach retirement — One affordable way to approach retirement is to keep working as much (or as little) as you want towards a second career. [Consumerism Commentary]

Adopting Through Foster Care: Myths and Raising Awareness — Foster care adoptions aren't necessarily as expensive as private adoptions. Expenses are often reimbursed, and the state may help with medical bills and college expenses. [Parenting Squad]

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