Best Money Tips: Free Ways to Teach Kids about Music

By Linsey Knerl on 27 August 2010 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we tell you how to stay within budget when teaching your child about music, why eggplant makes a killer pizza, and what you should be tipping your doorman.

Top 5 Articles

Free and Inexpensive Ways to Teach Children About Music — If the cost of a piano is too rich for your blood (or budget), why not try out some of these more frugal options for showing a little music appreciation? Parenting Squad

Green How To: Customize Bamboo Blinds with a Graphic Freehand Paint Job — This tutorial shows you everything you need to know for your own set of stylish “green” blinds! Green Your Decor

DIY Liquid-Cooled Carseats for Your Babies (Or You) — Putting a kid into a blazing hot car seat is just cruel. Get the steps for making your own liquid cooling pad for chilling out the car seat before they sit. Instructables via Lifehacker

Eggplant Pizza Bites — These are just too good to be true! If you have a hard time getting your family to eat eggplant, this recipe is a super solution. $5 Dinners

Tips on Tipping for 63 Services - How much tip is appropriate for a salmon fishing guide? Should you tip the black jack dealer and the poker dealer the same amount? Find answers to all your burning tip-related questions in this awesome list. Coupon Sherpa

Other Essential Reading

Gutter Cleaning Tips to Avoid Major Repairs — If you’re not sure what an ice dam is, you had better read this article before cleaning out your gutters. Big money is at stake! Money Pit

Free-Range Chickens Produce the Best Eggs — With over 40 producing hens of my own, this is great news to hear! Let this fact-filled story “egg” you on in your search for healthier, tastier eggs. Community Chickens

Dads Dealing with Debt - Our own Adam Baker tells his personal story about debt. Watch the video for the scoop on his interview. Financially Fit TV

Is Extreme Frugality for You? Some of us are gladly not up for the challenge presented here. How far would you go to save some dough? Watson Inc.

Stores Can Now Refuse Small Credit Card Charges — Remember when we told you that it was against card policy for stores to refuse to accept credit cards for small purchase amounts? The game has changed. Get the details of the new law before you buy. Mighty Bargain Hunter

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