Best Money Tips: Frugal Father's Day Gift Ideas


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on frugal Father's Day gift ideas, tips that will save you hundreds on your next trip, and ways to save on your beauty regimens.

Top 5 Articles

Frugal Father's Day Gift Ideas — Cleaning your dad's car or giving him the day off are two great frugal Father's Day gift ideas. [Financial Highway]

39 Tips That'll Save You Hunderds on Your Next Trip — To save money on your next trip, check out underrated places and buy your tickets at the right time. [PopSugar Smart Living]

4 Ways to Save on Your Beauty and Health Regimens — Eliminating pricey face creams can help you save on your beauty and health regimens. [MintLife Blog]

A newlyweds' guide to personal finance — If you are getting married, have a wedding and honeymoon you can afford. [MainStreet]

Warning Signs of Poorly Managed Finances — Are you using payday loans or do you have uncontrolled credit card spending? Chances are you have poorly managed finances. [Joe Taxpayer Blog]

Other Essential Reading

How Can I Pay Off My Student Loans Faster? 3 Programs to Help — SaveUp can help you pay off your student loans faster by giving you incentives to pay off your debts. [Free From Broke]

Six Ways to Cut Mortgage Costs — Making a down payment of at least 20% can help you cut mortgage costs. [Free Money Finance]

College Dropout Rates Around The World — Did you know the United States has the highest college dropout rate in the world? [Yes, I Am Cheap]

Reasons behind denied life insurance claims - and what to do if you are denied — If you are denied your life insurance claim, it may be because of a policy exclusion. [DINKS Finance]

21 Ways Kids Can Entertain Themselves This Summer — To stay entertained this summer, kids can play board games or keep a journal. [Parenting Squad]

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Thanks for including our father's day gift ideas! Happy father's day to all the dads!